Wanting to help? Able to help?

Many people have been asking how they can help those that are needing help. Here are a couple options.

The Refuge will be offering a food distribution for the next 3 weeks, beginning on Tuesday March 24th, in a drive-thru set up.  Distribution will be open Tuesday thru Thursday from 9:30am-11:30am The Refuge will be loading a bag of essentials into any vehicle that comes for help. The individual will never get out of their vehicle in order to keep social distancing as a top priority. Our goal is to feed those that need help in the safest way for The Refuge volunteers; but also, our clients.

If you are able to come and help, we will need volunteers: 

* Monday morning from 9am-11am to prepare and pack the bags for distribution. 

* Tuesday thru Thursday from approximately 9am-noon. We will have some volunteers inside answering the phones or packing more bags, reloading carts and taking them outside, parking volunteers to direct people to stay in their cars and to keep the cars moving in the right direction, as well as staff or lead volunteers to load into the cars.

We would ask that you please make sure you are completely healthy, not in a high-risk category, and feel completely safe to be helping on any given day. If you have a whentohelp.com login, feel free to sign up for whichever day and/or spot to help. If you would rather email us to let us know when you are available - you can do this at stacieruff1@att.net.

We have never experienced the level of needs that we believe we will see over the next few weeks. I am positive that God has blessed our ministry and prepared us to be able to help those in need immediately. However, we also know that many families are blessed and have asked for ways to help. If you are at the store and find these items available, this is what we will be packing:
• canned vegetables, canned fruit, canned soup, canned meat, ramen, a boxed meal, mac&cheese, pasta and sauce, cereal, water bottles, eggs and milk
• a cleaning item, toilet paper and a hygiene item
• diapers, wipes, feminine products and adult depends (upon request)

These items can be dropped off Monday thru Thursday at The Refuge from 9am-11am, we will get them out of your vehicle for you to help minimize your risk.

Our community needs prayer. Would you consider praying for our clients, our community, and our government.

If you are financially able to give directly to The Refuge, this will help us be able to continue providing items through this method and also once we are able to open our doors back to normal. You can pay online through our paypal, by check in the mail or drop off a donation to our staff during our hours of operation.

Thank you again for wanting to help!!! There is no way possible that we can be the light of JESUS without a community that cares as deeply as you do!

If you are in need or know someone in need, please spread the word and feel free to come as well! Let us know if you have any questions! Loving and praying for each of you, at a 6 foot distance! or through social media!